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Science this afternoon!


Guess who wrote it…


Science: Will it erupt?



Today the children have been enjoying sunshine during a games lesson.


Cyberbullying- Safer Internet Day

Characters :

Jack Hewes ( the main victim of cyberbullying )

Mr. Sebastian ( the head teacher )



Wendy ( Jack’s sister )

Most importantly , the bullies”


There was a boy called Jack Hewes. He is an eleven year old boy from Statforshire Primary in London. He loves playing games like ROBLOX and Minecraft and loves chatting to this friends on his email account.

One day , Jack had a car crash and was paraylysed. He went to school embarssed , rolling in his wheelchair .

After school , as usual , he went online on ROBLOX and played one of his favourite games – Dount Tycoons. Once he was playing , he said to everyone who has playing ,

” I have a wheelchair in real life and I speak really weirdly! ”

All the people who were playing crowded around him and said mean stuff about being in a wheelchair.

” Come on , I want to see you. What school do you go to? ”

” Please , do not hurt me! Come to my school! It’s called Statforshire Primary! Come and see for yourselves…”

The next day , Jack as usual rolled in his wheelchair. His Class Teacher , Miss. Howes said that Jack had an unexpected visitor in the cloakroom. Jack decided to check it out…

“Hah , it’s you! In your rolly polly wheelchair. Look at you , you can’t walk OR run like me!! ” the bully said from the ROBLOX game laughed.

Jack knew that is was a mistake , never to share out anything about yourselves or where you live.



  • Never share your address to your school or home.
  • Your age
  • Where you live
  • Your real name
  • Apps you use
  • Your password
  • Never talk to anyone you don’t know!

You’ll be safe if you use this checklist to keep safe online!

We can learn to be safe if you be careful.



A:Lets threaten this little boy.

S:Yeah,lets skype him! We will message him now.

A:ding ding.

J: OK!

S: evil laugh.

J:Can I Skype you!

J: Yes!

A: At night alone!

S: Come on At 9

J: Should I  have agreed with them.



Soap Poem

Hi , my name is Soap

I like to keep my fellow friends nice and fresh

People pour me , OH SO fast

Like a spiral trying to zoom me in

The humans brush me so fast

They don’t realise how delicate I am and how I could slowly , very slowly fade away and flush into the hole pipe

Now , humans , you may miss me


That you haven’t been using me correctly


That if you use me roughly again

You will never see me again…


By Victoria G.



From the beginning of the year I have been reading a book called Ratburger. Don’t be shocked that I have not yet finished it yet because some people are always reading books with a rush, I like taking care and read it  slowly, this will help me to understand the book more and then I don’t have to read it all again. I am looking forward to the end of the book.

I suggest that your next book should be Ratsburger or any other book of David Walliams. There are many of his amazing, interesting book for e.g.: Mr Stink, Gangster Granny, Awful Auntie, Billionaire Boy, The boy in The Dress, Demon Dentist, The Midnight Gang.


Derby Trailblazers V Wildcats Mini Ballers

During a Division 1 tournament, Spencer and I played a basketball game at Mapperley Sports Village.The

teams were Derby Trailblazers Minis Against Wildcats Mini Ballers . The game started off pretty bad because their Center (tallest person and at the back/at rim), was playing intense on my friend Lewis but he didn’t give up.Simon and Spencer scored most of the points and I scored 2.For a moment we were losing but then we started to get hot shots.The final score was 36-48.Victory to us then!



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The Class monster!

Ever seen Miss Hudson dressed up in a scary costume? Well today our class know what it’s like! Josh K pointed it out to everyone and we all screamed our heads off!😨 Well,almost everyone. In the end she revealed herself but we were still joking and scaring everyone after it happened!Miss Moffitt took two pictures of us under the table and what our reaction to this was! This was because Miss Hudson came in in the middle of our lesson and spoke quietly to Miss Moffitt and then she started laughing for about a minute! Do you think this was funny class?😕 Or😄?


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